Andaman Island is a group of islands located in the Bay of Bengal. These islands are home to one of the most spectacular beaches, not just in India but in the world. This culturally rich place is home to remarkable rainforests, gorgeous corals, and exquisite wildlife. Even after all these years, the cultural and natural heritage of this place remains intact.

The Andamans are home to many adventure sports like Scuba Diving, snorkeling, banana boat rides, etc. While enjoying scuba diving, one experiences the water kingdom like never before. The crystal clear water offers a totally new perspective of the beautiful underwater life. Another similar activity is sea walking, where you can literally walk on the sea bed, exploring the aquatic kingdom.

Being an island, the Andamans are filled with beaches, out of these, the Havelock Island is a must-visit. Primarily known for their white sand beaches and perfectly turquoise yet clear ocean, the beauty of this island is second to none. The elephant beach is one of the major attractions of Havelock Island. It is a twenty-minute journey from the Havelock Island. The shores of the elephant beach are supremely serene and the USP of this place is its coral reefs. These kaleidoscopically colored reefs can be found at a depth of just 1 meter, hence can be enjoyed by people who do not wish to dive deep into the depths of the Bay of Bengal to spot these beauties.

Neil Island is another beautiful island in the Andaman. Home to serene white beaches, turquoise water and beautifully colored and vibrant coral reefs, Neill Island is known for its tranquil and peaceful beaches. Contrary to the popular Havelock Island, this island is still not very popular and hence is not crowded with tourists. Due to the lack of tourists, the coral reefs on this island remain untouched, hence providing one of the best diving and snorkeling experience in Andaman. The island is spread over a very humble 17 km and tourists often enjoy cycling around, enjoying the culture and nature along the way. The Sitapur beach on this island is famous for its sunrise and looks like one of the most beautiful portraits of nature you will ever come across, with the sun, gradually crescenting over the horizon. While on the Neil Island one must witness the beautiful sunrise of the Sitapur beach.

Another once in a lifetime experience is the visit to the Kaala Paani, cellular jail in the Andamans that was used to imprison the freedom fighters of India. While visiting, one can feel the energy of nationalism and sacrifice in the air and walls of the jail. Therefore one must take some time out to pay tribute to the fighters who sacrificed and fought for our freedom.

Apart from the natural beauty of this place. Port Blair is also home to many museums. The Anthropological Museum in the Andamans displays the 4 tribes of Jarawas, Andamanese, Sentinels, and the Onges. These museums perfectly capture the essence of Tribal culture and their values.

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The Andamans welcome thousands of tourists from across the globe owing to its beautiful beaches, rainforests. One of the most convenient ways to travel to Andaman is by air. The Port Blair Airport is easily accessible from major airports of Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Mumbai.
The other option to travel to The Andamans is by ship. These ships depart from the ports of Chennai, Kolkata, and Vishakhapatnam. The sailing schedules are declared in advance and can be booked from Destinasia.