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Kalimpong is a small town located in the northern part of West-Bengal. Situated at a mere 1-hour from Darjeeling, the entire journey is filled with breathtaking and spectacular views of the valley.

Kalimpong is known for its peaceful ambience and positive vibes owing to the many monasteries, churches, and temples scattered all over the town. Along with the presence of many worship houses, Kalimpong is saturated with the presence of beautiful gardens and natural picturesque. One such example is the Deolo hill; it is the highest point in Kalimpong, located at an elevation of about 5500 ft. One can enjoy the view of the entire Kalimpong town from this point, and spend some excellent quality time in the Delo Garden.

On the way to the Deolo Hills, one can spot Dr Graham’s Home, which is an orphanage spread over 500 acres. One can simply enjoy a short walk across the school to experience the positivity that this place possesses. Another excellent stop point, located at a 10-minute drive from the Deolo Hill, is the Lord Buddha statue Park, which features Lord Buddha meditating in a lotus position. What makes this park even more unique is the Sherpa View Point. It is an exquisite watershed situated at a walking distance from the Buddha statue. On bright sunny and clear days, one can have an unprecedented look at the Sikkim Hills and the great Kanchenjunga, the most towering mountain peak of India. Contrary to popular belief, Kalimpong offers a much better glimpse of the Grand Kandhjunga than Darjeeling.

Another nearby attraction is the famous Lord Hanuman Mandir. The Mandir houses a colossal statue of Lord Hanuman and attracts devotees from all over the world. Along with the temples, Kalimpong is also home to many Buddhist monasteries, known as Gompas. One such monastery is the Thongsa Gompa. It was built in the year 1692, which makes it one of the oldest monasteries in Kalimpong. Along with this, Durpin Monastery is another monastery that captures the influence and impact of Buddism in this town. What makes this place even more serene and scenic is the Teesta river, which can occasionally be spotted gliding through the majestic mountains along the way, offering a magnificent and calming view to your eyes.

The nearest airport to the town of Kalimpong is the Bagdogra airport. It is located at a distance of 79 km from the Kalimpong town. Bagdogra airport is well networked with significant airports like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Guwahati.


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