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This landscape is protected by the Brahmaputra river on the northern side and the dense, rich forests of Karbi Anglong hills on the southern side, which act as shelters to a large number of wildlife species.

The Kaziranga National Park is located in Golaghat, Assam. The park is home to almost two-thirds of the world’s one-horned rhinoceros and has also been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Out of the many activities one can do at the Kaziranga National Park, the elephant safari has to the number one. It is a unique and thrilling experience to explore the flora and fauna of this place. These safaris start early in the morning and give you a fantastic view of the Bagori and the Agoratoli, known as the western and eastern ranges, respectively.

In case you do not want to ride elephants, you can also opt for the Jeep Safari. The jeep covers all the zones of the parks and goes deep into the mangrove forest. The eerie sound of your jeep rustling on the leaves on the ground can get anybody’s adrenaline pumped. The national park, being rich in flora and fauna, is also home to many tropical and seasonal birds and river flowing through kaziranga National Park. The national park is a paradise for bird watchers. One can easily spot Pelicans, storks right across the eastern range of the Kaziranga National Park. Another less known tourist attraction is the Kakochang waterfall. Located at a distance of 14km from the park, the waterfall has a sparkling water pool where one can enjoy a very calming experience that enriches and heals your soul.

The Kaziranga national park is also home to a lot of Tribal villages. These villages are carrying on the legacy of their tribes and traditions for years now.

You can interact with these tribals and experience their traditional art, handicraft, architecture, and clothing too.

The Kaziranga National Park also hosts a cultural program for tourists. Locals perform their traditional dances and transcend you into an alternate reality, leaving a substantial footprint of Assam’s diverse and vibrant culture in your memory. However, the one thing that stands apart in the Kaziranga National Park is the iconic one-horned rhinoceros. The giant, majestic, though endangered Rhino, can easily be spotted with the help of local guides. In addition to the rhinos, one can also spot the Royal Bengal Tiger, wild bison, deer, and many other beautiful creatures of nature.

The Kaziranga National Park is open to tourists from November to April every year.

The nearest airport to the national park is the Guwahati International Airport and the Jorhat Airport. The Guwahati airport is located at a distance of 217km from the national park. The Guwahati airport is well connected to all other airports of India, therefore making it easy to reach the park.

The nearest railway station to the Kaziranga national park is the Furkating station. This station is located at a distance of 75 km from the park.


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